People who have
achieved great success
are not necessarily
more skillful or intelligent
than others. What
separates them is their
burning desire and thirst
for knowledge. The
more one knows, the
more one achieves.”
Pritesh K. Srivastava

"I have learned this book. In this book, Robin Sharma Talked about what is real leadership and success. He also explained a step by step guide to achieving your goals. Full of Inspiration and Motivation with great examples. Such a great book by Robin Sharma and this is only the reason why I want to share this experience with everyone."                                                            


Leadership has nothing to do with the title on your business card or the size of your office. Leadership is not about how much money you make or the clothes you wear. Leadership is a philosophy. It's an attitude. It's a state of mind. And it's available to each one of us.

Here's an example. I spend a lot of my life on airplanes and traveling so I'm hard on my luggage. The handle on my carry-on luggage broke after my tour of Russia a few months ago (you have to put a visit to St. Petersburg on your list of places to visit before you die). Anyway, I take the piece into Evex, a dealer in Toronto. The young man at the counter treated me wonderfully and within a few days, the handle was fixed.

While in New York a week ago, the handle broke again. I assumed that I'd have to pay for the repair when I went back into Evex. Most businesses put clients through so many hurdles: if you haven't saved the receipt you are out of luck, if you don't know who did the initial repair we cannot help you etc etc. Well Evex is different. They just get it. They understand that without treating their customers well, there is no business.

When I explained that the handle broke again, the young woman at the counter – without a moment of hesitation – apologized for the problem I faced. She then said: “We will promise you that you will have your carry-on in perfect order within 3 days. And of course Sir, there will be no charge.” No bureaucracy around needing the receipt from the previous repair. No hassles. No issues. Just great service, with a giant smile.

This woman showed leadership. She quickly diagnosed the problem,
assumed personal responsibility and made the right decision. And she wowed her customer in the process. What will you do to be the leader that you are destined to be, today?

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"In this book, Robin Sharma Talked about 13 challenges."                  


Part of the value I hope to add to you is to be a catalyst for positive change in your work and personal life. To gently push/move and challenge you. To get better. To grow more. To be great - regardless of your title or your background or your current reality.

Here Are 13 Challenges I Offer

#1 Champion a child
#2 Encourage a co-worker
#3 Read a great book
#4 Do something that frightens you
#5 Write a thank you note
#6 Do something kind for a stranger
#7 Wow a customer
#8 Learn something new
#9 Let go of a resentment
#10 Do better work
#11 Be more passionate
#12 Speak truthfully
#13 Stand for excellence

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