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Stay Motivated: How to start a successful business?

So far our education system has been focused on preparing young generations to get good jobs. This is the reason why the crowd of job seekers is increasing in our country, but for them jobs are very low. To avoid this problem, we should think as a job provider. From which we can also create opportunities for ourselves as well as for others.           In the past few years, programs like entrepreneurship development are being conduct in our country, so entrepreneurship is promoting. Let us try to learn and understand how to start a successful business.
HOW WILL BUSINESS IDEAS COME? Every person who wants to become a successful entrepreneur, his first question is how business ideas will come? Or which business can be successful today?           India’s famous motivational speaker “Hi-meesh Madaan” take off the curtain from this mystery and said - to get ideas it is not necessary to sit at one place and research on it. You can get ideas from environment and surrounding peoples.           Thes…