Stay Motivated: How to start a successful business?

                So far our education system has been focused on preparing young generations to get good jobs. This is the reason why the crowd of job seekers is increasing in our country, but for them jobs are very low. To avoid this problem, we should think as a job provider. From which we can also create opportunities for ourselves as well as for others.
          In the past few years, programs like entrepreneurship development are being conduct in our country, so entrepreneurship is promoting. Let us try to learn and understand how to start a successful business.
Every person who wants to become a successful entrepreneur, his first question is how business ideas will come? Or which business can be successful today?
          India’s famous motivational speaker “Hi-meesh Madaan” take off the curtain from this mystery and said - to get ideas it is not necessary to sit at one place and research on it. You can get ideas from environment and surrounding peoples.
          These following five points are the key to get lots of business ideas.

     1.     Problems
2.     Poor Service
3.     Observe
4.     I wish, I can
5.     Innovation

He has explained these points with great examples. Let us try to understand these points in detail.

1.     Problems

Whenever we encounter a problem, then the idea is hidden in that problem, an idea that can change our life.
          Sabbir Bhatia and Jack Smith, both were working on ideas of Apple and want to exchange their notes. But they didn’t want his company’s officers to look at their mails and say why they are exchanging their personal notes with office mail. Both of them were very upset with this problem. Then they got the idea of creating free web mail service, which can be accessed from anywhere and can be used by any person. In this way they launched the world’s first free web mail service “” on July, 1996. They sold it to Microsoft for $400 million.
          Thus, it was an idea came from a problem. There are many such problems in our life that makes us helpless. Instantly, think that whether this challenge or problem is faced by other people also and what is the solution of it. This solution can be your business idea.

2.     Poor Services

Many times it happens with us that we do not get good services or we do not get good customer experience. We can get ideas from it.
          Fanindra Sama works in a company in Bangalore. During Diwali holidays he wanted to go to his hometown Hyderabad. To book a ticket he contacted many travel agencies but could not get the tickets and he had to celebrate Diwali in Bangalore. At that time, he thought, daily how many people struggles for bus tickets. He thought that bus tickets should be booked online like railway tickets and airways tickets.
          Then he and his friends made “” which is a very famous online bus ticketing platform.
          Such experience also happens with you so, whenever you had a bad experience think if there is a business idea in it.

3.     Observe

Ideas are always present in our surroundings. You need to make an habit of observing your surrounding and people.
J.K. Rowling got the idea of “Harry Potter” while waiting for the train at the station.

4.     I wish, I can

We speak many times in a day- I wish! It could happen, I wish there was such a machine, I wish there was such a website. In all these wishes there are many ideas. You just have to change your this ‘wish’ into ‘how’, then you will get lots of ideas.
Wright Brothers would have thought wish! Man can fly in the air. They change their ‘wish’ into ‘how’ and they invented Aircraft.

5.     Innovation

Google was not the world’s first search engine. But today Google is world’s top search engine. Facebook was not the world’s first social networking site. But today Facebook is world’s top social networking site. It means it is not necessary that your idea must be new, fresh and unique. You can also make changes in old ideas and creations. You can innovate any business or service to make it more beneficial. At the right time, you can overtake the first player with the right decision.
          So now you know how to get business ideas. Now you have to convert your ideas into business. Let’s also try to understand some important things to look for in a successful business.

Basic Mantras of Success

1.     Ask questions: Choose a perfect business

Before starting any work we should ask ourselves some questions, from which we can know the reason or purpose of that work.
RobertKiyosaki says- “I have learned that, without a strong reason or purpose any thing in life is hard.”
Here we are talking about business; so many times it happens that we have a lot of business ideas and in hurry we usually start a business that is not right for us. At that time ask yourself, why I am going to do this or am I interested in this work or am I perfect for this work. When you get the answers for these questions, then you will know what is your right choice will be. You will know your purpose or goal. And then you will start moving forward in pursuit of goal.

2.     Correct Planning: Be flexible

Plan is like a bridge over the river. Without it, you can see your goal on the other side of the river. But you cannot achieve it. This means the right plan is required to do any work successfully. Similarly, business needs a perfect plan to reach the summit of success. The better the plan, the lesser mistakes will happen in execution of plan because of this, we have to pay attention that we can overcome the problems while planning.
Many times it happens that when we are working according to our plan, we face some problems. At that time, if we have to make some changes in our plan, then we should make changes by adopting a flexible approach. Because our persistent attitude can lead our business to failure.

3.     Start with a Team

To start any business, we also need a strong team along with a good plan. A team that can work according to our plan to achieve their objectives.
We know that we cannot have all the qualities and we cannot organise a big business alone.
Many times it happens that we include our close friends and family members in our team. It may be right, but in most cases, we should avoid it. We should include those personnel in our team, who have some experience in their field and they also believes in your ideas.

          “Intelligent people hire more intelligent people than they are.”

4.     Take Risks

Many times it happens with us that the conditions are against and we have to take risks to achieve our goal. A person can become an entrepreneur, if he has the courage to take risks. If we observe, there is risk everywhere in life.
People have greed to achieve things but also they fear of losing them too. That’s why we afraid of taking risks.
Both, successful people or unsuccessful people are afraid to taking risk. But the difference between them is how they manage their risks and their fears. Whenever you think that what you are taking is right, then you should take risk. But keep in mind that there is a difference between a calculated risk and foolishly taken risk.

5.     Manage Failure

Failure in business or education or any other field does not prove that you cannot achieve your goals. It entirely depends on you and your thinking that how you view your failure.

You all know about Abraham Lincoln, how many times he had to face failure before reaching the presidency. When asked about 10000 failures associated with the invention of the bulb from Thomas Alva Edison, he responded- “Now I know 10000 ways from which bulb cannot be made.” It means we should not pay attention to the fact that we failed. We should think that why get failed. And when we ask questions, we also get answers.


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